We are seeking students from diverse backgrounds from all around Greater Cincinnati who are curious, serious, and ready to take an urban adventure! Apply today if this sounds like you!

Space to Pla(y)ce is a 6 week community design enrichment program open to youth in grades 7-12th from Greater Cincinnati. Participants will learn and experience what it takes to transform a vacant, underutilized Space into a Pla(y)ce where people can have a good time and build community! Along the way, they will explore new career options and find out Who “They” Is. 


week 1


Space- Participants meet each other and the Who They Is crew, learn and share stories about our communities, and determine the location for our “playce.” Students will also be presented a problem for our team to address.

week 2


Power & Community- Participants learn about who makes up communities and who makes the decisions within them. Residents and stakeholders from the community will be joining us.

week 3

OCT 15

Design- Participants will spend time using their imagination and problem solving skills to design a place for the community to use.

week 4

OCT 22

Plan- Participants will use analytical skills to calculate project costs and decide what our pla(y)ce will look like.

week 5

OCT 29

Build- Students and Space to Play(c)ce volunteers will come together and build a place for the community to use.

week 6

NOv 5

Pla(y)ce aka Who They Day!- Our pla(y)ce will be open for the public to enjoy and learn about our journey of transforming a space into a Pla(y)ce!

We will meet for 3 hrs from 12-4pm Saturday 10/1–11/5. Build day 10/9 and Who They Day 11/5 will both be daylong events. Attendance is required for each of our sessions. There will be more opportunities at later dates!