West End Inspiration

In December of 2015, Jasmine Humphries, planned and organized the Inaugural West End Youth Summit. The event was designed to be a creative way to collect feedback from young people in the neighborhood in order to support the larger community vision/plan. During the event, Jasmine wrote on a dry erase board "What's Missing in West End?" and invited all of the young people to write words on the board. Jasmine met with young leaders at Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses aka "The Nabe" at a later date to discuss the things written on the board. One by one, each point was presented to the group and it was simply discussed.

While taking notes, Jasmine noticed something interesting. The young people kept using the word "THEY." Things like : "They need to build better houses" and "They shouldn't have torn down the basketball court" were key statements that stood out. Jasmine said to herself, "Before we do anything, we have to tackle WHO THEY IS." After hours, weeks, and months of playing around with how to address this issue, she applied for a project grant from People's Liberty and won.

Who "They" Is was created for everyone young and not so young. It's a project intended to get people to begin asking questions about the world we live in, reclaim ownership of their communities, and shape the future of who is and becomes "They."


Program Methodology

Background and Methods- Who "They" Is taps into the potential of those questions that never get asked. It gets to the source of how power is shared(or not) in the communities we live in. (Link)