Voices In the Built Environment

June 18th- Aug 5th

If you don’t know the language of the environment around you, then you can’t articulate your experience. If you can’t articulate your experience, then you can’t advocate for yourself or others.

Voices In the Built Environment (VIBE) is a 6-week program that uses media arts as a tool to engage youth, our future leaders and voters, in conversations about urban planning and development. Participants will produce a video podcast to be aired on local public access television and shared digitally. Youth will create a show that touches different areas of community development including career exploration, social justice, community service, and urban design vocabulary.

Participants will then collaborate with local arts related organizations to choose a focus such as: music, graphics, and journalism, and will end the program having produced 5 shows to be shared with the community and at a day long symposium demonstrating the importance of media.   

Participants walk away knowing that their art can be used for more than entertainment, empowered to do more research, and inspire their peers to produce more educational content through the arts.

Who "They" Is

Why is this project important?

Each time we say"they," we give our power away. Who "They" Is tackles this problem by using different methods to humanize and demystify "they." The goal of this project is to empower citizens to ask more questions in a fun, interactive way and ultimately lead to increased civic participation, accountability, and pride.

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Past Events

Space to Pla(y)ce Mixer

Sat Jan 28th

Eventbrite - Space to Pla(y)ce Career Mixer, Celebration, and Showcase
career mixer

Join us for a one of a kind Space to Pla(y)ce Career Mixer.

First, we built a park! Now it's time to learn about careers. Part 2 of Space to Pla(y)ce is a career mixer.

Organized by our youth Pla(y)cemakers, this career mixer will feature different built environment professionals sharing about their careers and provide an opportunity to learn from and interact in a cool, casual environment. Agenda and more details to come.
Youth: Young people in grades 7-12 who are curious and interested in learning about new careers are welcome.
Professionals: We are in the process of gathering professionals in planning and built environment related fields to join us and be available to chat with young people. (Industries include but are not limited to Construction, Architecture, Real estate, Transportation, Banking/Finance, Community Development, etc..) If interested, contact Jasmine at whotheyis@gmail.com

We have taken over People's Liberty and created an urban classroom for local teens! From Oct 1- Nov 5th, Who "They" Is will be running a project-based career exploration program for 7-12th graders from all over Greater Cincinnati. Together, we will build a park in Avondale and learn about the careers involved in transforming spaces into playces.

Have you ever wondered...
Who "They" Is?   



"I wish they would have _____" 


 "They need to____" 


"Why did they____?"


 Google is at our fingertips but we rarely search for answers to these rhetorical questions.

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